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Sheep on a Mission

For years I had encountered Christians who were naive about the Bible or ignorant of central Christian doctrines, which disturbed me.  Naivety is not a sin in itself--sometimes we're better off not knowing something--but I've always believed that living in ignorance of the basic tenets of your faith is comparable to going to war armed with nothing but a potato gun.  This could only end in grief.

Worse yet is the ramifications for unbelievers.  If no Christian can accurately speak the basics of his or her faith in Jesus, how can anyone ever hear the Good News and believe?  How could we be so selfish that we would enjoy our relationship with Christ but share that with no one?

When I was a preteen, God put in my heart the idea of creating a website to educate Christians on the finer points of faith and scripture.  At the time, I thought, "I don't know anything about computers.  How could I build a website and run it?  Besides, I'm just a kid.  Who would listen to me?"

So I put that idea aside and went on to college, where I pursued my bachelor degree in English.  I had a lifetime (a short lifetime, true, but still a lifetime) of daily Bible reading, discussion, and curriculum study in my background, but daily attacks on my faith from many sources still shook my faith to its core.  Even when my faith faltered, God always used those traumatic incidents to teach me more about Himself.

Eventually I began to realize that the knowledge I had always minimized and believed to be almost universal was actually more advanced than many of the people around me.  I prayed for those who knew virtually nothing about scripture.  If it took everything I knew to keep my own faith in God alive, I couldn't imagine the struggles they had.  Still, I knew they needed more than just my prayers.  They needed help, teaching, and direction.  That wasn't something I was always qualified to offer, but what I had, I wanted to give.  God had called me to write, so why not use my words to change this situation?

I launched this blog in October of 2008.  I have two main goals for this site:
  • To share this wonderful life-raft I've been given to strengthen my fellow sheep against the wolves in this world.
  • To share my faith with those who have never been given the chance to really consider Christ for their own lives.
If my words have accomplished one of these goals with even one person, I consider it a job well-done.

I mainly focus on rhetoric, psychology,  and social ideologies that show up regularly in the average person's life--often unnoticed, tolerated, or even accepted as dogma, and therefore spiritually dangerous.  I view all of these topics from a conservative, born-again Christian standpoint.  If something that fits with my theme draws national or international news attention, it might end up on the blog.  Generally, though, I avoid political issues and current topics that don't seem to be of lasting importance.