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Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Trivia Files #8, Come Along

As I always do, I'll remind my audience again that I'm going through all these argument fallacies (errors in reasoning) to sharpen our skills for presenting our faith when asked.  I don't assume that everyone who reads this post does street-corner witnessing or prison ministry on the weekends.  I do assume that if you live like a Christian, you are going to get asked a question our two about your faith from time to time.

I will also remind readers that the Bible is the best resource for information on how to present our faith intelligently, but I believe secular resources can sometimes help, when used with discernment.

The Bandwagon: A Peer-Pressure Technique

Chances are you have personally experienced the "Bandwagon Appeal" at some point in your life, especially if you were making a high-stakes decision.  The Bandwagon technique singles out it's victims, making them feel isolated, left out, or outdated if they choose not to go along with the crowd.  My professor called it "sneaky guilt."  The whole technique rides on the perception that a large number of our peers want something, and we shouldn't be one to stand in their way.  But does this crowd really exist?  Even so, should we define certain decisions (especially moral and ethical decisions) based on what the crowd wants us to do?

Example: "Thousands will be voting for State Question 270.  Don't forget to vote 'yes' on State Question 270 tomorrow, and be counted among those who are voting for a better tomorrow for our state."

Example: "The messenger who had gone to summon Micaiah said to him, 'Look, as one man the other prophets are predicting success for the king. Let your word agree with theirs, and speak favorably,'" (2 Chronicles 18: 12 NIV).