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Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of 2010 on Savvy Sheep!

Well, we've reached the end of another year here on Savvy Sheep.  Here's an overview of the events here on the blog in 2010:
  • I began the weekly trivia series at the start of the year on false debate techniques.  I think they are still a helpful resource for those who want to sharpen their witnessing skills. Click here for the link to the summary post I created for your browsing convenience.
  • Right after that series ended back in May, I ran a giveaway contest on Bible trivia.  I'd like to do something like that again, but I haven't developed a good theme yet.  Suggestions are welcome.
  • While those and other shorter post series were running this year, I was also writing a longer weekly post about serious spiritual issues like apostasy, archaeology and Biblical connections, revival, and postmodernism and other false teachings in the church today.
  • I doubled my posting schedule this year.  In 2008 and 2009, I was updating this blog about once a week.  That means twice as much good content for you to read!
  • My readership also increased this year.  I have around 20-25 long-time subscribers and a regular stream of new visitors.  If you like this blog, please support it by subscribing, leaving comments, and sharing your favorite posts with others.  I have a "Share This" widget at the top right of every post for your convenience.  Let's get the word out!

Several posts this year have received a high amount of traffic this year.  There are also several that I'd like to remind you about, if you haven't read them yet.  Take some time to explore my archives if you have the chance.
  •  Behold! the Bridegroom Cometh-- In this post, I explored the cultural symbolism of Jesus' miracle at the wedding at Cana.  Several people have told me it makes a lot more sense now that I have connected it to Jewish wedding customs that are still practiced today.
  • The Ten-Second Interview--  A post about your Christian testimony.  If someone only talked to you for ten seconds, would they be able to guess that you know Jesus?
  • Be Transformed-- Are Christians simply nonconformists, or something totally different?
  • Dabbling Can Be Dangerous-- We live in an eclectic society, which pushes dabbling and open-mindedness as high virtue, but sometimes it can be dangerous for our souls to sample everything we encounter.  How can we protect ourselves from the risks of dabbling?  This post is, I think, one of the most important ones I wrote this year, so I hope you check it out.
  • Desolation and Hope-- I took the time to outline and address specific teachings of the Postmodern movement.  Read it and learn to recognize this powerful movement in television, media, and modern education.  By the way, the comments section is still open if you want to join in.
  • Have They Heard?-- A special call to all blog writers--consider your audience, and think about your unique responsibilities and opportunities as a Christian blogger.  It's also a good one for missionaries and those who know them!
  • The King's Favor is the Best Heritage-- A powerful post about Mephibosheth and David, and the value of a spiritual inheritance that surpasses anything the world has to offer.
  • God of the Mountains and the Valleys-- Humanities scholars and archaeologists have often commented about the symbolic and cultural significance of the landscape where a nation lives.  What does the Bible have to say about this?
  • Have Faith to Cast the Net One More Time-- Struggling with poor results on your path to success?  Learn to trust God with the outcome, even when things look grim.
  • Look Over Your Shoulder--  The Hound of Heaven is in hot pursuit.  Will you run or let Him catch up with you?
  • He Will Take Care of the Rest!-- An encouragement to stand with God, even when circumstances seem impossible.  Do you really trust God?
  • Bow Down to the Baby in a Manger-- No one noticed the baby born that night long ago, even though He had come to change the world.  The world didn't recognize Him, and they didn't understand why He came.  Thousands of years have passed, but has anything changed?
Have a Happy New Year!  I'm looking forward to 2011 on Savvy Sheep--another year of good teaching, spiritual insights, and insightful comments.  See you next year!