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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Snippet: In a Worshipful Mood...

This past weekend, I took a short trip into the Colorado Rockies with two other ladies. We stayed in the Colorado Springs area at a Christian retreat center called Glen Eyrie (I heartily recommend!), and soaked up the natural beauty of the area.

Especially since we grew up in "mildly hilly" landscapes, we were awestruck by the soaring heights and vibrant colors. God makes lovely things!  Here is a photo from scenic pullout along a highway, with Pike's Peak in the background, and "The Garden of the Gods" in the foreground.  I don't care for the name of that park, because I believe there is only one God who could have made those strange red rocks (and He happened to make the big snow-capped one behind it, too).
Pike's Peak and Gateway Rock

This landscape put all of us in a worshipful mood, and we frequently sang along with Chris August's song, Canyons as we drove from one place to another.  Not worshiping the mountains, mind you, but rather the Lord who made them, and who, after completing such a gigantic project, still cares about the large and small problems we deal with daily.  It is an amazing and humbling thought!  For my past reflections on Pike's Peak, you might want to read my post, "God of the Mountains and Valleys."

Mountains symbolize power and authority to the human mind.  Such a sight makes it hard to believe that God is somehow powerless to attend to our needs.  It was a good spiritual reminder for me to have faith without doubt, and to walk with the Lord with confidence.  The first evening, I re-read Isaiah 55 and this verse stood out for me:
You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. (Isaiah 55: 12 NIV)
This is precisely the way I felt when I surveyed that landscape.  In Christ, and by no other, I can claim that kind of joy and peace.  It's the assurance that whether I'm on the mountain peak or standing in the valley, I know I'm safe.  Since I have put my trust in Christ, I know He will rescue me from death.  That kind of good news makes me want to join in with the song of the hills and mountains!

I wanted to share a couple of other inspiring photos (and these are by no means hard to come by in that kind of landscape).  Don't they inspire awe of God?
Glen Eyrie, Near Echo Canyon, at Sunset

Overlooking Glen Eyrie, with Colorado Springs in the Background
We had quite the adventure, and on a few occasions, we had to trust entirely in God's power (for instance, our nighttime trek down a mountainside in the densest fog we had ever seen).  It was wonderful, though, and we all plan to go back again when we can!

What about you?  What do mountains make you think about? I'd like to hear from you!