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Monday, April 8, 2013

Modeling Leadership Like Jesus

Years ago, I read a book about how to lead like Jesus. I don't remember all the points the book made, but one principle that stuck with me was the author's assertion that a good leader never asks followers to do something he wouldn't do.

When we apply that to the life of Jesus Christ here on Earth, it's striking.  Jesus commanded us to serve others, and He modeled that by washing His disciples' feet (John 13: 12-17).  Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, and He modeled that by loving people like Judas, who ate with Him.  Jesus commanded us to pray, and He did that often, both publicly and privately (John 11: 38-44; Matthew 26: 36-41).  Jesus commanded us to leave behind even our homes and families, if necessary, to obey God (Matthew 8: 18-22), and He did that very thing to accomplish His Father's purposes at the cross. Speaking of crosses, Jesus commanded us to give our whole selves to God, to the death if necessary (Luke 9: 23, 24)--but He did that first.

So today, I'm asking if you are leading like Jesus did, in your own life.  Are you asking your spouse, children, friends, coworkers, or even strangers to do what you wouldn't do?  Have you asked them to go where you wouldn't go?  If so, have you thought about changing things?

I know we all fail and fall short of perfection, but that is no excuse for a failure to try.  Jesus modeled what was right while He walked among us to demonstrate that it is possible for a man (or woman) to do these things.  Furthermore, Jesus modeled leadership for us to prove that He is going ahead of us to strengthen us when we are weak and afraid, just as God led Moses in the desert with pillars of fire and cloud (Exodus 13: 21-22).

God is calling us to let Him lead us, even as we lead others. Let's follow in His footsteps.