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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking Back...Looking Forward

The Popular, the Best, and the Favorites

Okay, so you can accuse me of giving in to the sheep mentality, but I thought that since many other bloggers out there rang in the new year with a "Best of" post, it wouldn't hurt to join in. In case you haven't been following Savvy Sheep for very long, now is your chance to check out the highlights of 2009. You might like what you read...and, in case you're wondering, all of the posts linked here still have open comments sections, so feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you thought.

And now, without further ado...The List.

  • An Almond Branch   This is the third-most popular post on this site. It explains God's command to Jeremiah to watch for Him like an Almond branch, and goes into a Christian's responsibility to God and to the world in light of the prophesied Second Coming of Christ.
  • Test Your Prophets (and Your Teachers)   I delve into the Biblical way to test prophets and teachers to see if what they say is truly from God and worthy of your trust.
  • Don't Conform to the Pattern of the World    The second-most popular post on this site. It links to the most popular post on Savvy Sheep (from 2008). I go into secular Groupthink theory and show how true Christianity is the solution to Groupthink.
  • To Obey is Better than Sacrifice   I explain the concept of sin and atonement in many worldviews and world religious teachings, and then explain the Biblical concept of substitutionary atonement. Many Christians today do not fully understand Biblical atonement and may wrongly buy into the teachings of other religions.
  • An Honorable Soldier   I talked about supporting the men and women in the armed forces and remembered to honor veterans and their sacrifice.
  • What Has God Done for You Lately?   I posted a little reminder, as much for myself as others, that we should give thanks for a God who is more than a guy who gives us stuff.
  • Reaching for Stars   My cousin's wife, Leanne, guest-posted advice for youngsters about dreaming big but trusting your future and your dreams to God.
  • Breadcrumbs    I talked about Jesus' example of generosity, versus the world's stinginess.
There are many more good posts from the past year, but these have been some of my most popular ones. I encourage you to branch out and explore my site. You might find something else you like!

My Plans for 2010

 One of my dreams for this blog is to post more regularly, especially bi-weekly. Unfortunately I'm having some difficulty juggling two jobs, various responsibilities, and a blog, too. I'm planning to add one post a week, alternating the longer teaching posts with short trivia posts. We will see how well I do.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christians to learn  to spot the Devil's tricks. That's why I write so often about popular thinking, religious and cultural views that contradict God's teachings, and studying the Word of God. I plan to keep talking on these issues, because they haven't gone away yet.

You can help me out in three ways over the coming year: (1) Pray for me. You have no idea how many things always go wrong right when I'm ready to post something! I am convinced that this is Satan trying to keep my writing from ever being an effective tool in God's hand. (2) Leave a comment. I can write better posts if I know my readers. Plus, it's just as fun as getting a letter in the mail :) . (3) Subscribe and tell a friend. I'm trying my best to write what God puts on my heart, but sometimes the messages God gives me need help reaching His intended audience.

May God guide you and care for you in the coming year. I'll see you in a couple of days!